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My name's Adam Trimble and this is my place to silently not update for weeks at a time. I'm a 21 year old freelance graphic designer trying to make it out in the harsh world. I have high ideals and strange priorities. I'd buy guitar strings before food, and my friends get treated like rock stars (sometimes Bowie.... sometimes Courtney Love). Read a little. I hope my misfortunes and public desires can amuse you.

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Early Return - le 8 mars, 2006 : 02:01 pm
Remember, I'm sticking to my story. If I left it'd be all I had. White cloths and linens are my big stress, and their stains are class indicators. Folded and pressed. Clean and starched. I see the bourgeois.

They're suturing skin close together, and we've been stitched by time, wrinkled in distance.
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Certified at Last - le 28 fevrier, 2006 : 04:46 pm
I passed certification at the restaurant today.... barely. Since mine was the only certification they were doing today I served three of the managers in the store. My biggest problem was menu knowledge. I just could NOT remember which sauces went with which dishes. Every dish has its own special sauce. Hoisen-Oyster, Garlic Aioli, Balsamic Glaze, Ranch Vinaigrette, Sryrarchia Mayonnaise.... to name a few. Anyways, I'll pick up the knowledge as I serve more of the dishes. The good news is that I start right away. I'm going in for my first actual shift tomorrow morning. Definitely opening up a bottle of Cabernet to celebrate tonight.

Love to those who are dealing with tragedy this evening.
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It's true - le 25 fevrier, 2006 : 04:12 am
putting all the vegetables away
that you bought at the grocery store today
and it goes fast
you think of the past

suddenly everything has changed

driving home
the sky accelerates
and the clouds all form
a gemometric shape
and it goes fast
you think of the past

suddenly everything has changed

putting all the clothes
you washed away
as you're folding up the shirts
you hesitate
then it goes fast
you think of the past

suddenly everything has changed!!
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High Dining and Study - le 24 fevrier, 2006 : 01:47 am
I should be studying. I'm a tad behind, and I have two tests tomorrow. Pretty normal stuff, right? Well it would be if I was talking about school, but I don't have school on Fridays. I'm going into the restaurant for more training tomorrow (day 4). So far, each day has been 8+ hours, and the menu tests are going to be insane. I have to know every ingredient to every dish and the particular sauces that go with each one. They like us to specify types as well (ie. Orange glazed basted salmon instead of Orange Salmon). Still, I think it's going to be an amazing experience because they demand so much.

Today we had wine etiquette, poring, and taste class. We tasted around 12 different varietals. I was definitely tipsy towards the end. Where else can you get paid to drink wine?!

Alright, back to memorizing the preparation methods of Carpaccio of Portobello Mushroom. (without looking it's: Fresh portobello mushrooms flash broiled in olive oil capped and packed with parmesan cheese, balsamic glaze, and goat cheese cream)
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Shot in the Heart - le 20 fevrier, 2006 : 03:47 am
Just a quick side note on the fact that our VP of operations shot his friend in the face. I keep hearing argument over argument on whether he had been drinking or whether it was actually his fault because of the "unfollowed hunting procedures." Has anyone thought about the base attitudes underlining this situation which allowed it to occur? Our country's vice president was trekking through the woods with a loaded shot gun as recreation, and no one is questioning whether this was appropriate in the first place. It's indicative of this administration that its leaders trade death for their amusement complete with the tools required for the delivery of death, and when a situation created entirely by them and through their own hands spirals out of control into tragedy they become surprised. Sound similar to other situations this administration has created?

No, Cheney didn't see carrying a shotgun as dangerous to those around him because his worldview doesn't support the notion that directed violence can have unexpected consequences or dangers. I believe that the shooting was purely an accident, but it was an accident that was manifest through the elements introduced to the stage. The Russian playwright Anton Chekhov said, "If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don't put it there." Life certainly doesn't follow the conventions of traditional narrative, but Chekhov was right about one thing: guns fire, either onto quail, ground, foe, or friend. What I'm more concerned about is the gun on the wall of the White House and its foreign policy.
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Swank New Job - le 19 fevrier, 2006 : 12:59 pm
As most of you know I left Bridgetown Grill a few weeks ago. It wasn't really up to me, but before I was let go I had already started to look for better places to wait tables. Since the weather had turned cold so had the business at Bridgetown. In my budget I need to make rent, bills, and eat. I was making enough to cover one and a half of those things. I usually hustled the rest through different design projects on the side, but for the sake of my schooling I wanted to not worry as much.

On Friday I got a call from the Clubhouse near Lenox. I had sent them my resume a few months ago, and while I had interviewed at a few restaurants (Ted's), my goal had been to work at a fine dining establishment. I interviewed for about 7 minutes yesterday before they gave me the job (and my car got booted outside). I'm going in for training at 2.

Just wanted to share the excitement.
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Meditations from a Warm Winter Day - le 16 fevrier, 2006 : 12:26 pm
I don't know where I'm going, only where I'll end up eventually.

Advertisements are creative forces for the propulsion of consumption. Inherently they stifle creation as their primary objective.

The stomache is the most human organ in the body, the brain, the most heavenly.

The longer rising action is sustained in narrative the greater its catharsis.
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Because She Asked - le 14 fevrier, 2006 : 03:10 am
This almost counts as a real entry. I'll get back to doing that soon. I've got a notebook full of stuff ready to be plugged here.

Ground Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits of yourself" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly.

tag ---- pappillonrox, theonlykow, trinity1013, kasheesha, hottubwithxena (and you should comment through your new journal)

1. Music has the power to completely annihilate the lexicographical centers of my brain. If at any point during a conversation a song comes on that I haven't heard before I stop being able to produce full sentences. I can usually handle listening to things that I've heard before, but if a piece starts to play that I have a particular affinity for then I neither want to speak nor chose to do so. In the scope of my perspective, organized sound is the most powerful element of daily life.

2. I dream heavily and with increasing frequency. In my dreams I smell, taste, hear, see vibrant color, and touch things. Often if you try to wake me during one of these dreams I will be able to sit up and function but will be stranded between the real and dream narratives. To this end, I say things that are very strange. Quotes include: "'Adam, are you actually awake?' 'I'm up. I'm up with the economy.'" "The house! It tried to eat her." and "There are no stairs out of this bed."

3. I take the longest showers known to man. It might be because my entire bathroom ritual is included in the shower. I bathe, brush my teeth, wash my hair, and shave in the shower. It usually takes 30-40 minutes.

4. I almost always light my cigarettes with matches.

5. I am currently trying to change my handwriting. In order to have perfect grip and technique I need to change the way in which I both hold the pen and mechanically form the letters. It is best not to write with the fingers but to actually move your arm while keeping the pen in a still hold. Accordingly my school notes for this semester have looked like the scrawl of an epileptic seven year old.
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le 6 fevrier, 2006 : 05:35 pm
I fell asleep watching Vertigo last night.

Why do I always clean things when I'm upset?

This weekend is promising in many ways.

but most of all....

Goodbye Ruby tuesday.
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Shoegaze Show - le 1 fevrier, 2006 : 04:47 pm
I wanted to remind everyone that my friend Emily does a radio show for Mercer Univercity and that everyone should listen to tonight's show not only because I assisted her with the theme but because Emily is one hell of a DJ. The show centers around the musical style of shoegaze, and all the musical examples were provided by me.

It's tonight at 9pm.

Go to http://radio.mercer.edu/ to hear the show.
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